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STUDY DISSERTATION | What role do local products play in the attractiveness of regions? Case study applied to the Marmande tomato.

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Carole VIAL - Master 2 Public Management - "Attractiveness and New Territorial Marketing" - 2016

Terroir, origin, tradition and authenticity are values that consumers appreciate when it comes to food. Agri-food companies have understood this, and offer a large number of products labeled and marketed as "Terroir". Terroir products are all the rage, but how can they contribute to the attractiveness and hospitality of the regions that produce them?

Following an analysis of the concepts of terroir, terroir products and terroir businesses, we set out to understand how the promotion of place is organized, from the interests of stakeholders to the development of a shared territorial strategic approach. A study carried out on the case of the Marmande tomato has enabled us to understand the criteria that determine how the product will become a marker of identity. The study also measured the ability of local players to work together on an enhancement project. The research results show that terroir products can play a major role in building identity, a factor in the attractiveness of territories. In particular, they highlight the need for stakeholders to take ownership of the resource, and the importance of taking a collective approach.

Keywords: attractiveness, identity, product, territorial marketing strategy, terroir, tourism, development

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