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Know-how tourism for employer branding

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Tourisme Savoir Faire X Marque Employeur - Source : Marius Fabre - Crédits : Bruno Le Hir Le Fallois


For many years now, know-how tourism has been an opportunity for companies both in commercial terms (direct sales) and for communication issues with the general public: promoting know-how, cultural and territorial heritage, a transparent approach to manufacturing processes, telling the company's story, etc.

In 2022, 3, 500 French companies welcomed 20 million visitors (+25% since 2019)[1]. Of these, 94% are VSEs or SMEs and 48% are over 50 years old: know-how tourism is therefore rooted in a territorial, heritage and cultural base.

Against a backdrop of recruitment tensions, companies now see this approach as a tool for enhancing their employer brand: " the attractiveness of our professions is mentioned by 50% of companies " welcoming visitors (Source: Entreprise & Découverte, 2022). The aim is to promote their employees (internal image) or to present their professions to potential candidates (external image). Last but not least, it's also an opportunity to promote pride in belonging to the region, and to enrich the local employer brand.

This publication aims to explore some best practices on this theme.

[1] Source : DGE, 2023
Keywords: territorial anchoring, talent attraction, pride of belonging, labels, employer brand, territorial heritage, cultural heritage, recruitment, human resources, CSR, talents, know-how tourism, economic tourism, industrial tourism, company visits.
Illustration: Entreprise et Découverte - Bruno Le Hir de Fallois ©

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