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  • What's the difference between "news from the Chair" and "news from the Chair's Founders and Partners"?

    You can find out about all the Chair's activities and projects in the "Chair news" section. These news items cover our studies, emblematic productions, partnerships and participation in professional events and scientific symposia. Beyond our own activities within the Chair, we wanted to be able to highlight the initiatives of all our founding territories and partners. This is an integral part of the services we offer to our network's member territories, and a concrete expression of our vision of the "Media Chair": to inspire all those involved in regional attractiveness.


  • Who can access the A&NMT Chair's monitoring and research productions and publications?

    There are two possibilities:

    • As a non-member, you will be able to consult summaries of the Chair's watch and research publications. In addition to the content produced by our teams, we regularly identify useful watch resources for our readers (documents, guides, rankings, summaries, reports, etc.), which we make available in the "Get inspired" section. No restricted access to this type of content!
    • As a partner, you'll have access to the full range of publications on the site, simply by logging in to your personal space. This premium content can be viewed and downloaded.
  • What does the [crown] symbol on the publication tabs mean?

    The [crown] symbol displayed on publications indicates to non-partner readers that this is premium content. Only the summary can be accessed. For readers with a partner account, simply log in to access the full publication.

  • What types of content are published in the Get Inspired section?

    Here is a list of the types of publications you can consult:

    • Watch publications
    • Guides, reports and briefing notes
    • Evaluations/methodologies
    • International indicators and rankings
    • Conference proceedings and presentations at scientific symposia and professional meetings
    • Scientific productions (summaries of research articles, theses, dissertations, HDRs, etc.)
    • Summaries from our studies (IMAGETERR and E-reputation)
    • IMPGT student productions (dissertations, benchmarks and diploma work)
    • Newsletter [members only]
    • To see (videos, webinars, conference replay, infographics)
    • To listen to (podcasts and interviews)
  • How is the content of the S'Inspirer page organized?

    Content is classified by theme. A search engine enables you to find the publications that interest you, by searching by keyword, or simply by selecting the type of content and/or theme.

  • How can I become a partner and have access to all our publications?

    Access to monitoring publications is an integral part of the services offered to the Chair's founding territories and partners. Membership of the Attractiveness and New Territorial Marketing Chair is the only way to gain unlimited access to all the site's content!
    For further information, please consult our dedicated About the Chair section.