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GUIDE | Third Places & local authorities - How can we work together? - FRANCE TIERS-LIEUX

Resources Governance and Partnerships SDG, Transition and Resilience Rural territories
Source : France Tiers-Lieux - Guide "Tiers-Lieux et Collectivités" - 2023


France Tiers-Lieux is a GIP tasked with supporting the emergence, development and sustainability of third places in France. These are growing fast: from 1,800 in 2018, there are now almost 3,500, 60% outside metropolitan areas and a third in rural areas.

Launched in 2023, theThird-Place Observatory aims to analyze, produce and disseminate knowledge on the subject. It has just published this guide, designed to help local authorities better understand and support players in the sector.

Withkeys to understanding third places, the role of local authorities, inspiring testimonials, feedback, good and bad practices, resources and tools ... the guide provides an overview of third places in France today, and details the role of public players in these dynamics.

"Today, accommodation keeps the café and grocery store going, because the people who arrive always have needs: they're interested, they create a buzz. From now on, the café is profitable and generates vitality in the village, which attracts people! We don't say "come to the café", we say "come to the café"! We're doing something in common without saying it, which makes people want to do it."

Fabrice DALONGEVILLE, Mayor of Auger-Saint-Vincent (496 inhabitants, Hauts-de-France) & President of the Association des Maires Ruraux de l'Oise

Key words: local authorities, cooperation, commitment, SSE, experimentation, shared governance, guide, impacts, living lab', citizen participation, rural, third places, transitions, urban planning.
Illustration: Observatoire des Tiers-Lieux - France Tiers-Lieux (c)
Source : France Tiers-Lieux - Panorama des tiers-lieux 2023
Source : France Tiers-Lieux - Panorama des tiers-lieux 2023