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GUIDE | Sustainable and resilient territories: a major public health issue! - France Villes & Territoires Durables

Resources SDG, Transition and Resilience Urbanism and Placemaking
Territoires Durables et Résilients - Source : France Villes & Territoires Durables


This guide, published by France Villes & Territoires Durables, outlines the public health and environmental challenges facing territories.

"How can we systematically include public health and environmental issues at the heart of territorial strategy (...)? How can we integrate health imperatives into planning, design and management for sustainable, resilient urban planning that promotes the well-being of residents?"

This guide brings together recommendations, methodologies, tools and examples of practices for inspiration.

Keywords: sustainable development, well-being, eco-neighborhood, guide, method, tool, neighborhood, territorial resilience, health, public health, strategy, sustainable territories, urban planning.
Illustration: RGI X France Villes et territoires Durables (c)

A few extracts from the guide...