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COLLOQUIUM | "Communities, Metropolises and Health" Territorial Marketing of Metropolises in the Health Sector

Resources SDG, Transition and Resilience
Colloque marketing territorial des métropoles - santé


At the "Communities, Metropolises and Health" conference, Christophe ALAUX, Laura CARMOUZE and Corinne ROCHETTE shared their work on the theme of "Territorial marketing in healthcare".

The health crisis has highlighted the importance of health and well-being to quality of life. Based on this observation, this research protocol from the Chaire Attractivité et Nouveau Marketing Territorial (A&NMT ) in collaboration with the Chaire Santé et Territoires of the IAE Clermont Auvergne - School of Management reexamines attractiveness strategies.

This presentation explores the emergence of new levers of attractiveness around health and well-being , and explores two case studies highlighting these dimensions: the city of Gent and the city of Vancouver .

Keywords: Attractiveness, territorial attractiveness, well-being, sustainability, territorial marketing, quality of life, health, slow city.

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