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#PMF22 | Think Tank Health, Wellness & Sustainability - Conference

To be watched SDG, Transition and Resilience Place Marketing Forum


In an international study (31 countries) conducted by Booking in 2021, 79% of those surveyed said that travel contributes more to their mental and emotional health than other forms of rest and relaxation. Whether mental or physical, health is becoming the new key to the attractiveness of a region. As well as providing access to healthcare, regions are increasingly required to prove that they can offer a health-friendly environment to those who live there, whether on a permanent or temporary basis. Health is a key issue for local authorities in terms of prevention, curation and taking account of the ageing population, in conjunction with attractiveness sectors. The notions of territorial well-being and quality of life are indicators for measuring the subjective perceptions of local residents, which include these issues.

The aim of this Think Tank is to question the notion of sustainability, so as to enable territorial managers to approach the environmental factors that impact on people's health from the angle of prevention. To this end, health is seen as a multi-dimensional, multi-sectoral pillar of territorial attractiveness. Various experts will discuss recent studies and scientific research on these subjects. The practices of some pioneering territories will also be presented.

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