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REPORT | Quality of life in European cities, 2023 - European Commission

Resources Residents and Talents SDG, Transition and Resilience
Source : Report on the quality of life in Europeans Cities - 2023


Which European city is the cleanest or safest? In which city is it easy to find a job or affordable housing? Which city has the best public transport or air quality? This 2023 report on quality of life in European cities sets out to answer these questions. It presents the main findings of the sixth edition of the Quality of Life in European Cities survey. The survey covers 83 cities across Europe, with a total of over 70,000 interviews.

The results of the 2023 survey show that overall satisfaction in European cities remains high, with almost nine out of ten people declaring themselves satisfied with living in their city.

Keywords: Survey, quality of life, transitions, metropolises, cities, Europe.
Illustration: European Union, 2023 (c)

Qualité de vie dans les villes Européennes - Indicateurs de satisfaction

Quelques extraits de l'enquête 2023...