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GECE 2022 BAROMETER of online cultural outings and practices

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GECE 2023 Baromètre des Sorties Culturelles


In October 2021,the French Ministry of Culture published a major survey of French cultural practices (Harris Interactive). One of the aims of this study was to assess changes in French behavior in the context of the health crisis. The decline in "in situ" attendance observed at the time was mainly explained by the health risk, the need for the "health pass" and the digitization of cultural offerings.

Since then, no survey has confirmed or invalidated these initial post-Covid trends. The GECE research and polling institute therefore decided to carry out a study along these lines. This first edition of the barometer aims to cover the following topics:

  • What are the in situ and online cultural practices of the French and the changes observed (live shows, museums...) since 2019?
  • Are online practices attracting new audiences (virtual tours, conferences...)? Are they replacing or complementing on-site visits? Can we do without them?
  • How do the French generally find out about cultural events and activities? On what media? Which social networks?
  • Since the health crisis, have the timing and methods of buying tickets changed?
  • What are the expectations in terms of services and offers when visiting museums and heritage sites?
  • Will the French be present in 2023?
GECE Baromètre 2022 des Sorties Culturelles - Extrait des résultats