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STUDY - National mapping of festivals

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Ministère Culture Cour des Comptes - Cartographie des Festivals en France


The French Ministry of Culture has carried out an ambitious census of the 7,300 French festivals that had an edition in 2019 (or in 2018 for biennials).

Among the key findings:

  • Nearly 7,300 festivals had an edition in 2019.
  • More than four out of ten were music festivals, 22% performing arts, 12% books and literature, 9% cinema, 6% multidisciplinary and 5% visual and digital arts.
  • Nearly half of all festivals were created in the last decade.
  • Nearly four out of ten take place in summer
  • Urban departments have a greater number of festivals, but rural departments have a richer offering relative to population.
  • The festival offering is often based on a network of cultural players and establishments working all year round. The festival dynamic is therefore both ephemeral and long-lasting.

The Cour des Comptes report " Festivals et territoires: les défis d'une politique partagée en matière de spectacle vivant " sheds further light on this study. It can be consulted by clicking on this link or on the map below.

L’action culturelle constitue (…) un élément important du développement local et contribue à l’attractivité des territoires. (….) (L’étude) montre que l’important appui des collectivités territoriales aux festivals, qui a conduit l’État à intervenir de façon plus sélective pour soutenir les festivals à rayonnement national et international, a permis de rééquilibrer l’accès à l’offre culturelle sur le territoire national

Source : Rapport de la Cour des comptes d’après l’étude du Ministère de la Culture

ÉTUDE - Cartographie nationale des festivals - Extrait