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The NORMANDIE brand evolves

October 17, 2023
Evolution de la marque Normandie - illustration : Ekaterina Pokrovsky
Illustration : Normandie Attractivité

The NORMANDIE brand evolves: the emblematic leopards join the brand.

Officially announced on Monday, October 16 by the teams at Normandie Attractivité (the Normandy Region's attraction agency), the NORMANDIE brand now features a strong new identity marker: the two famous leopards. A true historical legacy, the use of the two leopards on Norman emblems is closely linked to the Plantagenet family, a royal house descended from the first House of Anjou (Source : The Norman flag and its leopards, the return!). Today, this marker of Normandy's identity symbolizes the merger of Upper and Lower Normandy.

Normandie Attractivité and its partners are committed to promoting the region's roots, influence and attachment. Clearly, this development is perfectly in line with the brand's overall strategy. This initiative is not unlike the case of Caen-Normandie, whose objective was to make the brand's new positioning understandable, while differentiating itself from the competition.

Caen Normandie - La liberté s'est gagnée ici
Caen Normandie - La liberté s'est gagnée ici

A few words about Normandie Attractivité

Launched in 2017, the Normandie brand is designed as a modern, shared banner. It is aimed at all those who believe in Normandy and its values, and who want to contribute to its influence in France and abroad.

Abenchmark in world history, Normandy can legitimately claim to be a strong and generous region, deeply attached to the universal values of Peace and Freedom.

Today, these values endure in everyday life through a spirit of openness to the world, sharing and a strong commitment to sustainable development . Drawing on history, the Normandie brand also recognizes the "conquering" character of the Normandy people, expressed through boldness and an entrepreneurial spirit.

(Source: Normandie Attractivité Normandie Attractivité)

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