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Launch of Greater Reims' new brand: Reims Legend'R

January 19, 2023
Lancement de la marque Reims Legend'R - illustration : rh2010

[ Official brand launch press release ]

As part of the implementation of its regional project, which will be voted on in June 2021, Greater Reims has embarked on the construction of a large-scale attractiveness initiative, adopting an unprecedented global approach that integrates all the dimensions - economic, tourism, cultural, academic and residential - inherent in the development and influence of the region.

An attractiveness strategy is only worthwhile if it is shared by as many people as possible. With this in mind, the project team working within the Mission Attractivité, with the support and expertise of the Sennse consultancy, carried out its work in co-construction with the region's elected representatives and key players. Nearly 150 representatives from the economic, tourism, university, cultural, associative and residential sectors were invited and involved throughout the development process, using a participative method to take into account the needs of players particularly involved in promoting the region.

The aim of this approach is to unite all the driving forces (public and private players and residents) around a shared vision, mission, ambition and values, with a view to making the most of Greater Reims' potential and turning every Reims resident into a true ambassador. Reims and its region are a story to be told, a legend to be pursued, with high expectations in terms of ambition, embodiment and achievement. To tell the story of this region and continue to write its legend together, the shared Reims Légend'R brand will be one of the powerful tools of this new attractiveness strategy.

The brand's primary aim will of course be to promote Reims and Greater Reims to the outside world, and it will play a key role in reinforcing the sense of belonging to the region through a very wide network of ambassadors open to all aspects of the new
attractiveness strategy. The Reims Légend'R brand will be a real gas pedal in the development of Greater Reims' appeal. Capable of creating value for all players and residents, it will embody the collective identity and ambitions of an entire region:

  • Because it unites all stakeholders under a shared banner, a common coat of arms,
  • Because it further guarantees the region's commitment and the distinctive excellence of its offering, with a strong promise,
  • Because it clarifies, through its thematic declinations - Exempl'R, Solid'R, Vision'R, Extraordin'R - the framework of its actions, its projects, its commitments and the messages to be transmitted,
  • Because it brings visibility, legitimacy and power to its ambition, while constantly consolidating links between public and private players, between local residents and those outside the area.

By working collectively to strengthen the image of Greater Reims, everyone will be proud to belong to this region, and become a Légend'R ambassador in their own right.

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