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REPORT - Trends Spotting Report 2023

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Nordic Place Branding Trends Spotting 2023


Ahead of the Nordic Place Branding Conference (Helsinki, May 2-3, 2023), Swedish agency Future Place Leadership shares 12 trends in Place Branding.

The 12 trends identified:
1. Territories increasingly focus on quality of life
2. Culture and experiences replace retail in city centers
3. The place making and storytelling must merge to create a holistic experience of the territory
4. The place brandingservice levels andhospitality are becoming the winning recipe for attracting large-scale investment
5. Investment relocation continues to grow, creating new opportunities.
6. ChatGPT creates content and becomes a personal travel guide
7. The desire for digital detox and the " Joy of Missing Out " create a demand for authentic places.
8. Talent retention is the new attraction
9. Growing recruitment needs: from highly qualified specialists to... Well, everything!
10. Telecommuting and the merging of workation
11. From work-life balance to balanced well-being
12. From competition to collaboration