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Report | The state of the digital world (2024) - Meltwater x We Are Social

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Digital 2024 - Global Overview Report


In an ever-changing world, digital transformation has become a crucial step not only for companies, but also for public structures.

The "Meltwater-Digital 2024 Global Overview" report offers a comprehensive overview of the online behavior of Internet users worldwide. Published by media intelligence company Meltwater and international creative agency We Are Social, it highlights the major digital trends of 2024, focusing on digital marketing, social networks, e-commerce and mobile services.

This global overview of the digital world enables us to understand, anticipate and adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Keywords: communication, digital communication, data, digital, digitalization, AI, influence, influencer marketing, artificial intelligence, KPI, digital marketing, brand, digital, social networks, social media, social listening, webmarketing
Illustration : © Meltwater x We Are Social

Some extracts from the report ...