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REPORT - Meet the millennials

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RAPPORT - Meet the millennials - GWI 2023


This study by GWI paints a portrait of Millennials (consumers aged 27 to 40), presenting their attitudes and habits towards media and social networks, as well as towards artificial intelligence, in particular ChatGPT. The report also highlights how brands can engage with this generation. Finally, the report also presents the differences in behaviors with Gen-Z (16-26 year-olds).

Keywords: Behaviors, study, Gen-Z, AI, influencers, artificial intelligence, brand, Millennials, social networks
Illustration: "Meet the millennials" report - GWI 2023 (c)
Source : Extrait du rapport "Meet the millennials" - GWI 2023 - What do millennials want from brands ?


This report is based on information from GWI's Q1 2023 research wave in 52 international markets, with a global sample of 81,921 millennials - see detailed methodology on p. 60 of the report.