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DOSSIER - Artificial intelligence to enhance regional attractiveness

Benchmark Tech, Data & Innovation
Source : Dall-E - Tapisserie des songes - Expo Dali


ChatGPT's arrival in the public arena at the end of 2022 (5 million users in 5 days!) highlighted the new opportunities offered by the latest generations of artificial intelligence (AI). According to Acumen Research Consulting, the generative AI market was valued at $7.9 billion (bn) in 2021, and should reach $110.8 bn by 2030. Nevertheless, this development is also raising questions even among the best specialists in the field: some recently called for a 6-month moratorium , and the founder of OpenAI himself acknowledged his fears about misinformation and the impact on the economy.

However, these so-called "generative" AIs are already opening up new marketing perspectives, particularly in terms of conversing with target audiences, personalizing offers and producing content.

This benchmark offers an international overview to discover inspiring practices in each of the major attraction sectors : tourism, MICE & events, culture, economic development, talent attraction and residential attractiveness.

Illustration: "Tapestry of dreams" generated by AI "Dall-E" - Dalì Museum Dalì Museum (USA)

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