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Metavers: the future 3.0 playground of tourism marketing?

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Un village sud coréen à explorer dans le métavers - Source : KTO


Metavers" is the buzz word of the moment, especially since Facebook's repositioning as Meta. The development of this new technology is still in progress, but it is already shaping up to be the next Internet "revolution" (Web 3.0). Eventually, it will enable people to interact, work and play in immersive virtual spaces. Bloomberg has estimated the metaverse market at $800 billion by 2024 (up 13.1%). As for NFTs ("Non Fungible Tokens"), their market has literally exploded: +21,350% between 2019 and 2021!

Investor enthusiasm is clear. What about the younger generations targeted by metavers? According to a recent study(YOUGOV, February 2022), nearly one in two young people between the ages of 18 and 24 say they are ready to visit a tourist destination through a metaverse. However, the metaverse faces many limitations, and Generation Z still seems to appreciate social networks.

How are territories embracing this technology that virtually frees them from their borders? Dive into the metaverse and discover some innovative marketing applications... and the limits of this new space!

Illustration: A South Korean village to explore in the metaverse - Source: KTO

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