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RANKING - The Global Talent Competitiveness Index - INSEAD

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Global Talent Competitivess Index 2022


The GTCI report is published annually byINSEAD, in collaboration with Portulans Institute and Human Capital Leadership Institute.

It is a benchmark that measures how countries and cities develop, attract and retain talent. The visual below, taken from the report, presents the conceptual framework of the GTCI model and highlights the main elements analyzed by its index. It combines an assessment of what countries do to produce and acquire talent(Input) and the type of skills they have available as a result(Output).

The 2022 edition covers 133 countries and 175 cities. It focuses on the "tectonics" of talent in international competition, and raises the question:is the world drifting towards increasing inequalities in talent?

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2022 - Extrait