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CALL FOR TENDERS | One Provence, the place marketing agency for the Aix Marseille Provence metropolitan area, is looking for its Press Relations agency.

August 28, 2023
One provence
Illustration : ©logo One Provence

Background provided by the One Provence agency

As part of the formation of its new team and the deployment of its ambitious Communications Plan, the One Provence agency plans to activate the lever of Press Relations with the declared aim of positively changing the image of this territory in the national media.

At a time when other regions are competing to attract and retain wealth in all its forms (talent, companies, major events, students, cultural projects, international organizations, researchers, investments), it was essential for Aix Marseille Provence to showcase its strengths and acquire a benchmark agency and brand to match its shared ambitions. While the One Provence project was born of collective reflection several years ago, the organization is now being put in place and will take off in its new form in 2023: strategy, team, manifesto, brand identity and definition of an ambitious action plan.

Extract from the official document


Publication of offer: August 31, 2023

Contact for questions or pre-positioning: from September 4, 2023 (by email)

Deadline for submission of proposals: midnight September 14, 2023

Evaluation of proposals and possible presentation meeting: before September 30, 2023

Decision-making: October 2, 2023

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