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Animation of ©LA FRESQUE DE TOUS LES TALENTS during workshops organized by Reims Légend'R

June 28, 2024
Fresque de tous les talents

First presentation of ©LA FRESQUE DE TOUS LES TALENTS at the "Hospitalité Exempl'R au service des Talents Vision'R" workshop organized by the Reims Légend'R teams on June 25 at the Institut Catholique de Paris - Reims campus.

The city of the Sacres was the very first territory in the Chair's network to organize a workshop around this brand-new educational tool, which explores the major stages in a "talent's" journey as it settles into a territory.

Designed and illustrated by the Chair team, this tool is intended for professionals to discover attraction levers and re-evaluate their approaches.

The recent session was held last Tuesday at the Institut Catholique de Paris, in the company of our partner territory Reims Légend'R and the territory's ambassadors.

The Chair's teams acted as facilitators for the workshop dedicated to attracting talent to the region and its hospitality. This workshop enabled the ambassadors in attendance (including students, entrepreneurs, academic professionals and employees of companies from the economic fabric of Rémois) to discuss the levers for supporting the installation, establishment and retention of new talent.

The event was organized in collaboration with Pierre-Antoine HUET-DUFOUR, Director, Attractiveness Mission - Reims Légend'R, Kenza HAJJAJ, Project Manager, Attractiveness Mission - Reims Légend'R, the entire Reims Légend'R organizing team and other local professionals, including Stéphanie GAGNOUX, Director, Mercure Reims Centre Cathédrale and Radisson Reims, President, Club Hôtelier Reims Champagne.

A huge thank you to the organizing team and ambassadors for this first session, which we hope will stimulate dialogue and exchange on these important subjects.

Would you like to host or be trained in the use of ©LA FRESQUE DE TOUS LES TALENTS?

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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