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STUDY DISSERTATION | Tourism in the Bauges region in the face of climate change: territorial marketing for the strategic regeneration of a territorial ecosystem

Student Productions SDG, Transition and Resilience Rural territories


Cyrille LAILY - Master 2 "Attractiveness and New Territorial Marketing" - Academic year 2017

The acceleration of climate change is shattering the relative stability of the economic model of the Bauges mid-mountain resorts, based solely on the snow and winter ski product, creating an unprecedented economic, tourism and social shock. In the throes of a certain decline, the tourism ecosystem presents the conditions for a possible strategic regeneration following a strong mobilization and collective awareness on the part of local players. Analysis of the strategic fundamentals points to the need for new territorial marketing extended to the "massif" destination, and the emergence of a new all-season outdoor and nature tourism offering capable of better annualizing the model's economic and tourism production. However, the success of the regenerative process cannot be achieved without a profound transformation of the tourism ecosystem, which is currently siloed, with the implementation of a new collaborative and integrated mode of governance placing public and private tourism players at the heart of a permanent process of progress, innovation and quality in the quest for customer satisfaction.

Key words: strategic regeneration, territorial ecosystem, climate change, collective intelligence, cooperation, innovation, dynamic capabilities, resources and skills, tourism, mountain resorts.

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