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STUDY - Adopting an integrated approach to impact measurement

Resources SDG, Transition and Resilience
AVISE - Étude - Adopter une démarche intégrée de la mesure d’impact


Numerous organizations (project sponsors, foundations, local authorities) share the observation that there is growing interest in actions targeting several dimensions of impact (social, environmental, economic, but also democratic or territorial) and the need for tools and methods for their evaluation, known as "integrated evaluation".

Based on existing frameworks and approaches, such as the nine planetary limits or the sustainable development objectives, the study (carried out by Convergences, Avise and Improve) describes the questions raised by such an approach: should (and can) all impacts be monetized? How can we incorporate both qualitative and quantitative measures? What time horizon should be chosen? How should stakeholders be taken into account?

With the help of 9 case studies from France and abroad, the study sheds light on approaches (conceptualization, indicators, methods) from different sectors/types of players and their sharing of best practices, or the pitfalls to be avoided when "getting started".