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BOOKLET | Best practices for sustainable mountain development

Resources SDG, Transition and Resilience Rural territories Tourism
Source : Livret - Bonnes pratiques pour le développement durable des montagnes - Euromontana 2024


Euromontana is a European multi-sectoral association for cooperation and development in mountain areas.

This publication presents 10 inspiring initiatives from across Europe (EU and non-EU) collected by Euromontana throughout 2023 to promote initiatives that lead to sustainable change in mountain areas.

The booklet covers key issues for sustainable development, quality of life and resilience in mountain areas, ranging from climate risk awareness, forest adaptation to climate change and renewable energy, mobile services for local communities, LEADER initiatives for rural development and the promotion of sustainable mountain agri-food products, among others.

The brochure aims to inspire practices, ideas and even funding sources, and to encourage their transfer and adaptation in other regions.

Keywords: best practices, biodiversity, climate change, sustainable development, water, forest, LEADER, mountains, cultural heritage, quality of life, skiing, transitions, sustainable tourism, Europe.
Illustration: Euromontana 2024 (c)