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The objectives of the training

  • Acquire a methodology
  • Strengthen your analytical skills
  • Develop a transversal vision
  • Create your network

Distribution of credits and training time

  • U1 - Fundamentals of territorial marketing - 60h / 6 credits
  • U2 - Transversality of territorial marketing sectors - 90h / 9 credits
  • U3 - Collaborative and experiential digital - 90h / 9 credits
  • U4 - Governance and specific territories of territorial marketing - 60h / 6 credits
  • U5 - Professional integration - 120 h / 12 credits


Acquire the fundamentals

  • Understand the concepts and principles of territorial marketing and attractiveness
  • Acquire tools and methods to launch an attractiveness approach
  • Be inspired by innovative and efficient practical cases

Develop the fields of the markterr

  • Understand all the sectors that contribute to territorial attractiveness
  • Analyze the issues and problems related to territories
  • To acquire proven methodologies


Work on customer relations

  • Identify the different actors involved in territorial attractiveness
  • Understand the fields of action of stakeholders and governance
  • Adapt a shared vision and common communication

Co-constructing and piloting projects

  • Capitalize on the territory's actors to co-construct projects
  • Develop a collaborative and multi-partner culture
  • Manage and pilot the implementation of actions and their impacts

Develop your capacity for reflection and be inspired professionally

  • Know how to take a step back from one's practices and strengthen one's analytical skills
  • Acquire a methodology for monitoring
  • To become more professional in the restitution of written documents, deliverables...

Master 2 Public Management, Marketing and Communication

With the master 2 Attractiveness and Territorial Marketing, you want to expand your skills in the field of marketing and public communication?
The Master 2 Public Marketing and Communication trains future communication managers, press relations managers, data marketing managers or cabinet directors... Their main missions are to adapt the organization's communication strategy to the users' segmentations (inhabitants, companies, talents (young and active), social and solidarity economy actors, tourists...) according to the attractiveness strategies carried out on the territories. They also analyze marketing data, produce studies, and ensure the institution's internal communication...

In addition to the skills related to their degree and profession, they must have a perfect vision of the issues and objectives of the attractiveness strategies implemented in a territory. Consequently, it is common for a good number of territorial attractiveness professionals to go on to become cabinet directors or directors of written, digital and marketing communications for an organization and vice versa.