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The Manifesto for Culture: a shared vision supported by Attitude Manche and the department's cultural players

July 12, 2023
Manifeste de la culture et des festivales de la Manche

[Article taken from the official communication from the Attitude Manche attraction agency].

Illustration: ©Manche: a manifesto for culture!

All the players in the world of culture in the département of La Manche have come together to express a shared vision: to promote the département as a "land of culture". This ambition is also supported by the department's attraction agency, Attitude Manche, which has worked to bring together all the players in the events sector aimed at the general public. The manifesto encourages the various stakeholders to commit to the values of "preservation, solidarity and attachment to the region" (Un manifeste pour la culture Porter ensemble des valeurs fortes).

We are a collective of 29 music festivals deeply attached to La Manche. We are launching this manifesto to affirm a shared vision: together, we can make our region shine, and make it a place where everyone can feel at home.

Source : Manche: a manifesto for culture!

The manifesto highlights the common values shared by all the signatories. A collective of 29 festivals and major events contributed to its creation, with the aim of promoting all cultural activities "made in Manche". The manifesto was born of a genuine desire to preserve and enhance the region's dynamism, and to strengthen the synergy between economic and cultural players.

Presentation of shared values

Source : Un manifeste pour la culture Porter ensemble des valeurs fortes -
Source : Un manifeste pour la culture Porter ensemble des valeurs fortes -

A few words about Attitude Manche

Attitude Manche is the attraction agency for La Manche. Born of a collective desire to truly showcase the region, its mission is to raise the profile of the département beyond its borders, and to unite private and public players in this large-scale project.
The agency is driven by a vision: to make the Manche the place to be, for a day or forever!

Manifesto presentation

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Manche: a manifesto for culture! - Youtube : @Attitude Manche

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