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Tourism is dead, long live (new) Tourism!

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Source : Wonderful Copenhague - The End Of Tourisme


Based on the observation that Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) no longer have a monopoly on promoting their destinations, and that visitor behavior and expectations are evolving, Wonderful Copenhagen (WoCo) has published its new strategy, with the evocative title: "The End of Tourism as We Know It". Tourism as we know it is "dead", and DMOs need to adapt to this change.

"We recognize the expiration of our role as the destination's promotional superstar, the official Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) with authoritative consumer influence, broadcasting superiority and an exclusive right to promote and shape a destination.

Source: Wonderful Copenhagen, "The End of Tourism as We Know It", 2017."

Keywords: attractiveness, big data, destination, sustainable development, inhabitants, hospitality, immersion, connection, loyalty, collaborative and responsible marketing, destination marketing, experiential marketing, tourism marketing, quality of life, region, residents, storytelling, territory, tourism, experiential tourism, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Illustration : Wonderful Copenhagen (c)

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