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STUDY DISSERTATION | Clustering tourism destinations

Student Productions Governance and Partnerships Tourism


Aude LEFEVRE - Master 2 "Attractiveness and New Territorial Marketing" - 2018

Against a backdrop of hyper-competition between tourist destinations, France remains the world leader in terms of visitor numbers, but only ranks fifth in terms of economic spin-offs. What's more, tourism has been impacted in recent years by new trends and new modes of consumption linked to digitalization and the advent of the customer experience. To keep pace with these developments and remain attractive, tourist destinations need to structure themselves by setting up collective initiatives that serve a shared strategic ambition. From tourism clusters to destination contracts, these initiatives mobilize and structure the region to enhance its appeal. Given the wide range of players that make up a tourist destination, the governance of these initiatives is essential. Using the case of the "Autour du Louvre-Lens" tourism destination contract, this study looks at the organization of this governance and the concept of strategic ambiguity as a lever for stakeholder management.

Keywords: Autour du Louvre-Lens, ALL, attractivité, cluster, destination contract, cooperation, destination, governance, stakeholder management, tourism

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