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Route 148: an itinerary dedicated to "vanlife" in Canada

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Source : Route 148 - MRC Pontiac - Van Life Canada


In Quebec (Canada), few people know where to find the Pontiac region in the Outaouais region, along the river that forms the natural border with Ontario (USA). This bilingual region comprises 18 municipalities and is like the local "Wild West", with over 14,000 km2 of unspoiled natural spaces and forests for 14,000 inhabitants.

The MRC Pontiacaccompanied by communications agency Visages Régionauxhas embarked on an attractiveness initiative to promote this "devitalized" territory, which is relatively far from urban centers (100 km from Ottawa and nearly 300 km from Montreal). The area receives few visitors (even on weekends) and has few tourist accommodations, but a road linking it to major cities (Gatineau, Ottawa). With this in mind, Visages Régionaux came up with a new tourism offer targeting vanlifers, who are often in search of vast natural spaces.

Fueled by the health, economic and real estate crises, " vanlife " - the practice of living in a converted vehicle on a short or long-term basis - is on the rise. The hashtag #vanlife has over 16 million posts on Instagram, and the concept appeals to both holidaymakers and nomadic workers.

Relying on social influencers, Pontiac has succeeded in structuring an offer dedicated to vanlifers and attract a new tourist clientele to its vast, largely unknown territory.

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Illustration: MRC Pontiac X Visages Régionaux (c)

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