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Rebranding the YesMilano global attractiveness brand

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Illustration de la campagne Quartieri de YesMilano


Created in 2019, the Milano&Partners attractiveness agency's mission is to enhance Milan's appeal to visitors, talent and investors, by forging public-private partnerships or enhancing its international reputation. The Covid19 crisis was an opportunity to reflect on a new brand strategy, drawing on the different facets of its identity and the varied experiences it can offer visitors in search of authenticity. A communications campaign, developed in collaboration with local residents, students and artists, highlighted each of the city's neighborhoods. While reinforcing the sense of belonging among the people of Milan, the approach aims to better distribute flows and consumption across the entire territory, and to encourage more sustainable and inclusive tourism and development. The aim is also to enable residents themselves to (re)discover the quality of life and cultural richness of their metropolis.

Keywords: branding, sustainable development, inhabitants, identity, brand image, Italy, neighborhoods, reputation, strategy, urban tourism
Illustration: "Neighbourhood by neighbourhood" campaign - Milano&Partners

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