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PODCAST | Changing the Standard - Carenews x Stéphane VATINEL

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Illustration PODCAST CARENEWS "Changer la Norme" - Crédit Photo : S. ROBICHON


In this 12th episode (Season 7) of the inspiring podcast "Changer la Norme", Stéphane VATINEL is interviewed by Flavie DEPREZ, editor-in-chief of CARENEWS. He talks about his career and the genesis of Sinny&Ooko, of which he is founder and president. Sinny&Ooko is a social and environmental economy company that owns and runs six third places in France, including the Cité Fertile in Pantin - winner of the #PMF20. Stéphane VATINEL explains the company's objectives and missions, as well as its hybrid business model. He shares his experience and his conviction that we need more third places to raise public awareness of the issues of our century.

Keywords: attractiveness, business model, social economy, SSE, environment, wasteland, business model, urban renewal, revitalization, third places, transitions.
Illustration: CARENEWS - Photo credit: S. ROBICHON


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