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#PMF18 | Winner: Montréal International - GLOBAL ATTRACTIVITY

Benchmark Governance and Partnerships Place Marketing Forum


While many regions are implementing attractiveness and territorial marketing strategies, Greater Montreal's strategy - focused on attracting foreign direct investment, international organizations(soft power) and international students and talent - is particularly effective. On the one hand, because attractiveness is an issue for Canada, which benefits from strong political support and significant human and financial resources. Secondly, because Montréal International's strategy is developed in consultation and coordination with Greater Montréal players (public, private and research). Lastly, because of the geo-political context: the election of Donald Trump in the United States and his protectionist rhetoric are worrying firms operating internationally, and they may prefer a Canadian location to gain access to the North American market, while at the same time having access to a pool of international workers in strategic sectors (AI, gaming, biotechnologies, etc.).

Keywords: Talent attraction, global attractiveness, economic development, foreign direct investment, foreign investors, territorial marketing, soft power, strategy, global attractiveness strategy, talents, PMF18, Montreal,Quebec, Canada.
Illustration : PMF 2018

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