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The new "We🧡NYC" brand

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La nouvelle marque « We🧡NYC » - Source: The Partnership for New York City


Launched in late March 2023 by The Partnership for New York City (PFNYC), the new brand"We🧡NYC" is aimed at New Yorkers : it encourages them to patronize local businesses, get involved in volunteer actions and rediscover optimism and enthusiasm for their city, which has been neglected in favor of the suburbs in the post-pandemic context. In March 2022, a study revealed that workers in New York felt less confident than in other major American metropolises (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, Miami...), with a downward trend. Thus, 62% of employees surveyed said they were "pessimistic" (28%) or "uncertain" (34%) about the city's future. The PFNYC association, which brings together over 300 New York-based business leaders, therefore decided to launch a campaign to promote the city's image. Initially presented as an evolution of the iconic "I🧡NY", aimed primarily at tourists, the new brand faced a lukewarm reception from locals, very attached to the logo imagined by Milton Glaser in 1977. Despite a $20 million budget, "We🧡NYC" is now presented as a simple civic engagement campaign, inspired by the original brand.

Keywords: branding, Covid-19, economic development, identity, external image, internal image, logo, territorial brand, public-private partnership, quality of life, rebranding, reputation, e-reputation, talents, New York.
Illustration: The Partnership for New York City (c)

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