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A holistic territorial marketing strategy for the Helsinki metropolitan area: The Brand New Helsinki project

Benchmark Governance and Partnerships Residents and Talents Brand, identity and perception
Source : Design Helsinki (c) - Brand Helsinki


The City of Helsinki, concerned about its reputation, has embarked on a holistic territorial marketing approach to define a vision shared with residents of the future of the metropolitan area by 2020. This approach is intended as a decision-making tool to determine Helsinki's international positioning, but also as a tool for citizen involvement.

"The reputation of a city cannot be created by marketing or communications only. A reputation is the result of concrete and true actions, experiences and encounters. The real essence of the city and the impact it has on people. The Brand New Helsinki project".

Keywords: ambassador, global attractiveness, talent attraction, branding, citizen consultation, pride, hospitality, image, citizen marketing, territorial marketing, tourism marketing, holistic marketing, territory brand, notoriety, open data, positioning, quality of life, sense of belonging, smart city, startup, storytelling, marketing strategy, Helsinki, Finland.
Illustration: Design Helsinki (c) - Helsinki Brand

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