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A holistic approach to attractiveness for the Département de la Manche

Benchmark Governance and Partnerships
Source : La Manche - Démarche attractivité holistique


La Manche wants to attract new residents, healthcare professionals and more tourists to support its demographic and economic dynamics. Based on the observation that the region had no control over its image, due to a lack of authentic, differentiating marketing positioning, the Département and a number of key players decided to structure a global attractiveness initiative.

This approach enhances the region's assets and transforms its image, based on a renewed image of its living environment, a better-structured tourism offering and the values, pride and attachment of the people of La Manche to their department. The strategy targets tourists, new talent, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and investors in particular.

Key words: agency, attractiveness, campaign, communication, governance, image, notoriety, recruitment, talent, special territory, Normandy
Illustration : Twitter account @MancheTourisme

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