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Carnet d'idées | Rencontres Tourisme & Habitants 2023 - ONLY LYON

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In early May 2023, ONLY LYON Tourisme organized the first Rencontres Tourisme & Habitants: 34 residents and 22 tourism professionals came together to discuss responsible tourism development in the Lyon metropolis.

Among the ideas put forward was a "tourism laboratory" open to local residents, enabling them to reflect together on the development of tourism in Lyon. This discussion space will be open to residents and is due to be inaugurated in autumn 2023. In the meantime, in order to define the priorities, Lyon's residents are invited to vote for the best ideas via this questionnaire

This idea book brings together all 23 ideas that emerged during the meeting. It will be the starting point for future workshops, notably within the "tourism laboratory".

Key words: Co-construction, participative governance, inhabitants, open innovation, stakeholders, sustainable tourism, local tourism, participative tourism, responsible tourism, Lyon.
Illustration: ONLY LYON (c) - Rencontres Tourisme & Habitants 2023 - Carnet d'idées
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Source : ONLY LYON 2023 - Carnet d'idées - Rencontres Tourisme et Habitants 2023 - Idée N°17 "Laboratoire du Tourisme"