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BENCHMARK - European Cities - Services Attract/Talents/Partners & Branding

Benchmark Companies and Investors Residents and Talents Brand, identity and perception
AdobeStock - (c) Vitalii Vodolazskyi

This international tour d'horizon offers a benchmark of European metropolises ' attractiveness practices: what services do they offer to attract their various targets? What services do they offer their partners and local players? What are their most outstanding practices? Do they rely on a network of ambassadors? This benchmark is not, of course, intended to be exhaustive, but it does highlight a number of approaches, particularly on the subject of talent attraction/retention and territorial employer branding.

Keywords: ambassadors, attractivité, talent attraction, branding, city brand, companies, investors, employer brand, territorial brand, metropolises, service offering, talent reception, talent retention, hospitality services, start-ups, talents, Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Milan, Barcelona, London, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Europe.
Illustration: Adobe Stock - ©Vitalii Vodolazskyi

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