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BENCHMARK | Attractiveness x Departments : Attractiveness initiatives at departmental level

Benchmark Residents and Talents Brand, identity and perception Rural territories
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To meet their demographic challenges and seize opportunities arising from societal changes, some departemental agencies have seen their missions evolve from purely promoting tourism to enhancing the quality of life offered by their territory.

The objectives are as much to maintain a population that will enable public services to be financed, as to attract working people to meet the region's needs in terms of skills. In particular, to overcome recruitment difficulties for businesses, doctors and healthcare professionals, veterinary surgeons, or in certain sectors under pressure. The challenge is also to stimulate the local economy through the demand for goods and services from this additional population or from visitors. Many initiatives promote local know-how and production through brands of origin and quality labels. They seek to support local employment, encourage companies to establish themselves in the region and promote local short-distance circuits. These initiatives also strengthen territorial resilience.

Keywords: attractiveness, department, presential economy, residential economy, made in.
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