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Territorial branding and storytelling to enhance the attractiveness of Dayton, Ohio, USA

Benchmark Residents and Talents
Dayton Patented


For several decades now, the city of #Dayton, in the state of#Ohio, has been suffering from demographic erosion, dropping from 260,000 inhabitants in the 1970s to 141,000 in 2010. In order to become an attractive city once again, Dayton has embarked on a territorial #marketing initiative based on its history. Dayton is known as one of America's most innovative cities, with the highest number of patents filed per capita.

The city has therefore set up a promotional campaign around this theme: "Dayton patented, Originals Wanted".

Keywords: ambassadors, talent attraction, attractiveness, image shift, image, innovation, shared brand, territorial brand, storytelling, talents, Dayton, Ohio, USA.
Illustration: StanRohrer on Gettyimages ©

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