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Come and experience the unique Place Marketing Forum 2024, an open window on the future of territorial marketing and attractiveness!

January 17, 2024
Place Marketing Forum 2024 - 25 et 26 avril 2024 - Caen

The 11th edition of the Place Marketing Forum: a meeting designed for players in regional attractiveness, organized on April 25 & 26, 2024, at the MOHO in Caen.

An unprecedented opportunity to plunge into the heart of innovative initiatives and exemplary practices that are redefining the contours of attractiveness, in territories of all sizes. Whether you represent a region, a département, a metropolis, a community of communes, a town, a company or even a territorial development organization, this meeting is entirely focused on the perspectives and solutions implemented in the face of the crucial issues and challenges facing territories!

Discover impactful strategies and ideas presented by attractiveness agencies, tourist offices and many other key players in the development of a territory, in France and internationally. It's also the perfect opportunity for socio-professional players (from the economic and SSE worlds) to come and share their knowledge and expand their networks.

A meeting at the heart of innovation and major transitions

We invite you to join us on April 25 & 26, 2024, at Europe's very first Collider, a veritable crossroads of creativity and innovation. the MoHoin Caen. An avant-garde space where ideas meet and come to life. More than a forum, the PMF is an open door to the future of attractiveness and territorial marketing. Don't miss this unique opportunity to shape the future of your own region!

The Place Marketing Forum in a nutshell

  • The #PMF is an international meeting organized each year in one of the partner or founding territories of the A&NMT Chair.
  • Every year, over 100 international cases are benchmarked and studied, with a view to their selection for intervention by CEOs and experts, on stage during the PMF editions.
  • Since its inception, more than 58 global initiatives have been showcased at various editions of the event, in the fields of economic development, tourism, MICE, residential attractiveness, etc....
  • More than 300 professional participants, specialists and experts from France and abroad, on the subjects of territorial marketing and attractiveness (directors of attractiveness or tourism agencies, project managers, department heads, consultants, elected representatives....)
  • A day and a half of conferences and think tanks, featuring contributions from some sixty French and international professionals and experts.
  • A unique opportunity to share and discuss the most innovative and effective practices in territorial marketing and attractiveness.
  • A special time for networking and optimizing your network.
  • A unique, friendly atmosphere where sharing experience is the watchword.

PMF2024 program at a glance

Place Marketing Forum 2024 - 25 et 26 Avril 2024 - Programme synthétique
Place Marketing Forum 2024 - 25 et 26 Avril 2024 - Programme synthétique

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