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Strengthen your teams and find your future apprentice

Recruter un diplômé

The alternation defines a rhythm of study and a mode of transmission. It is characterized by a succession of periods of knowledge acquisition: within the IMPGT and in the field in a host structure.
It is a real gateway to employment and professional integration by allowing students to obtain a diploma while training for a job by immersing themselves in the life and culture of the company or administration.

As a reminder, the Master 2 Public Management course, Territorial Marketing and Attractiveness, can be completed in :

  • Apprenticeship or professionalization contract
  • Continuing education
  • Initial training
  • Recruiting under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract

    Benefits to the student:

    • Choose a diploma course that meets the needs of companies / administrations
    • Benefit from a personalized follow-up throughout the training
    • Study at the University while gaining a first professional experience
    • Be financially independent and start contributing to your future
    • Be operational as soon as you finish your studies
    • Build a professional network
    • Share practices and knowledge between generations of employees

    Benefits for your organization:

    • Have a pool of highly skilled candidates at your disposal
    • Evaluate a future employee in terms of educational progress, as part of a pre-hiring strategy
    • Anticipate retirements while ensuring the maintenance and transfer of the company's skills
    • Establish a partnership with the university to make your needs heard and optimize your territorial influence and attractiveness
    • Enhance your employer brand
    • Benefit from financial aid and exemption from social security contributions
    • Engage in a civic approach by training the younger generations
    • Optimize the exchange and sharing of knowledge between generations of employees
  • What are the differences between an apprenticeship contract and a professionalization contract?

    Apprenticeship contract

    in partnership with the CFA Epure Méditerranée

    • Up to 30 years old (29 years old)
    • Derogation for people recognized as disabled workers, with a project to create or take over a business requiring the diploma or title in question, high-level athletes.
    • Dual status for students and employees (initial training)
    Remuneration guaranteed by a salary scale
    Situation 18-20 years old 21-25 years old 26 years old and more
    1st year 43% of the SMIC 53% of the SMIC 100% of the SMIC
    2nd year 51% of the SMIC 61% of the SMIC 100% of the SMIC
    • Private or public sector structures
    • Financing of the training: Public sector: By the organization. Possible assistance from CNFPT (extended until Sept. 2023)
      Private sector: financing of the training by the professional branch OPCO.
    • Possible help from the State extended until 2023 for the contractualization of the contract*
      *according to the legislation in force, for any information , consult the Government website

    Professionalization contract

    • No age limit
    • Dual status as a student - employee (continuing education)
    Remuneration guaranteed by a salary scale:
    Situation Holder of a general baccalaureate Holder of a technological or professional baccalaureate
    -Under 21 years old 55% of the SMIC 65% of the SMIC
    21 - 25 years old 70% of the SMIC 80% of the SMIC
    26 years old and more At least 100% of the minimum wage or 85% of the agreed minimum wage At least 100% of the SMIC or 85% of the Convention Minimum Wage
    • Only private sector structures
    • Financing of the training: By the OPCO of the professional branch.
    • Possible State aid extended until 2023 upon contractualization of the contract*
      *according to current legislation, for more information , consult the Government website
  • The advantages of training through apprenticeship or professionalization

    The pedagogical team and the work-study office accompany the student and his employer throughout the course, for the integration, the follow-up of the missions and the evolution of the collaborator within the structure.

    This is a true tripartite relationship, allowing each party to exchange information on motivations, the training program, and developments related to the profession or sector of activity. It is an opportunity for actors in the field of attractiveness, more broadly, private companies or public structures, to share their practices in order to best adapt the educational path to the needs and developments of the sector.

  • Recruiting a territorial marketing student in apprenticeship or professionalization: for what types of missions?

    You will find in the mission guide some examples of mission typologies in correlation with the educational objectives of the diploma.

Do you want to send us an apprenticeship offer?

You have the possibility to submit an apprenticeship offer, mentioning the deadline for sending applications. We will relay the offers to future auditors and students who wish to join our apprenticeship program.

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