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Social innovation at the heart of the renewal of Medellín, Colombia

Benchmark SDG, Transition and Resilience Urbanism and Placemaking


After more than 20 years of violence linked to the drug cartel, Medellín is rising from the ashes thanks to a new policy that emphasizes #inclusion.#social social inclusion#urban planning and#education at the heart of the urban project. Once these "prerequisites" have been met, the final step is to encourage#entrepreneurship. Theoriginality of this approach also lies in the fact that it starts from disadvantaged outlying areas and links them to the #city center, rather than focusing on revitalizing the latter.

Keywords: Sustainable development, Economic development, endogenous development, solidarity economy, education, empowerment, entrepreneurship, image, inclusion, social inequalities, innovation, social innovation, endogenous marketing, Medellin, public-private partnerships, periphery, resilience, social, strategy, transport, urban planning, living together
Illustration: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya ©

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