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Nightlife and tourist appeal in Europe

Benchmark Events and MICE Tourism
Vie Nocturne - Source : Tijs van Leur - Unsplash


In recent years, European metropolises have come to realize that nightlife represents a significant lever of attractiveness. Indeed, the diversity of the cultural and leisure offer at night has multiple impacts: quality of life, economic spin-offs, image, influence, attractiveness, creativity, and so on. However, it is also synonymous with nuisances and problems that local authorities have to manage. This requires strategic thinking and comprehensive policies involving a wide range of stakeholders with differing expectations.

Keywords : attractiveness, culture, economic development, cultural industries, creative industries, quality of life, influence, talent, tourism, nightlife, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Geneva, London, Lyon, Paris, Rennes.
Illustration: Unsplash - ©Tijs van Leur

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