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La Fresque de tous les Talents (c) - Chaire Attractivité et Nouveau Marketing Territorial


Many sectors, both public and private, are facing challenges in recruiting and targeting key skills. To support their economic players in addressing these issues, territories are deploying strategies aimed at attracting and retaining the talent needed for their development.

To help the various players involved in these issues better understand the behavior of target audiences, the Attractiveness & New Territorial Marketing Chair has created ©LA FRESQUE DE TOUS LES TALENTS. This fresco visualizes the different stages of the process, with six main phases - Reflection, Attraction, Accompaniment, Reception, Integration and Reputation - and identifies the corresponding actions.

Entirely designed and illustrated by the A&NMT Chair team, this fresco allows you to explore the major stages of a "talent"'s journey as it settles into a region. More than just an illustration, it's a tool designed to help professionals in the sector identify attraction levers and question their own approaches. It's also an opportunity to identify the various local players involved in this area, and any collaborations that could be envisaged or strengthened.

>> This interactive version of the fresco highlights some of the best territorial practices in France and internationally identified by the A&NMT Chair.

Keywords: support, alumni, ambassadors, anchoring, talent attraction, residential attractiveness, mobility candidate, students, loyalty, fresco, inhabitants, immersion, installation, integration, mobility, newcomers, tool, path, pre-installation, reception, reputation, residents, services, talents, telecommuting, networks, immersive stays.
Illustration: Chair of Attractiveness and New Territorial Marketing at IMPGT - Aix-Marseille-Université - All rights reserved ©.

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