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Ecosystèmes de startups - Station F à Paris - Copyright BERTRAND GUAY/AFP


In 70% of startup success stories (AirBnB, Blablacar, Deezer, Doctolib, Spotify, etc.), the environment in which these companies operate - their so-called "ecosystem" - has proven to be one of the keys to their success. This is why public and private organizations are cooperating to support startups, focusing on certain sectors deemed strategic for their territory. The success of digital companies depends on the coordination of three types of resources: human capital (talent), quality financing(business angels, venture capital) and social capital (mentors, community, network).

Keywords: Attractiveness, benchmark, venture capital, digital, ecosystem, French Tech, international, unicorn, Silicon Valley, startups, talents.
Illustration: Station F (Paris - 13th): France's largest startup ecosystem- BERTRAND GUAY/AFP (c)

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