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FLASH MARKTERR | Regenerative Tourism

Benchmark SDG, Transition and Resilience Tourism
Flash_Marketerr - Tourisme_Régénératif



In the "Flash markterrthe A&NMT Chair teams identify innovative territorial projects or projects with a positive impact on the challenges of territorial attractiveness. The aim is to provide you with a quick overview of a cross-cutting issue, with examples of inspiring practices in France and abroad. This overview takes the form of synthetic maps to be scrolled through in "carousel" mode.

For this second "Flash markterr", we invite you to explore the theme of regenerative tourism. How are destinations implementing strategies and projects to promote regenerative tourism for their territories and communities?

Keywords: actors of change, sustainable agriculture, sustainable territorial attractiveness, volunteering, change makers, circuit-court, renewable energies, carbon neutrality, plogging, participative citizen science, awareness-raising, participative tourism, regenerative tourism, voluntourism, Zero Carbon.

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