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Eindhoven 365, a cross-functional marketing plan

Benchmark Brand, identity and perception


Since 2012, Eindhoven has been building a cross-functional #marketing #plan, whose name alone sums up the ambition carried by the city "Eindhoven 365", and serves its entire holistic #marketing #strategy. This approach aims to increase the region's#attractiveness and#hospitality by drawing on various levers(#tourism, #branding, #attracting talent, organizing#events etc.). In 2016, it is looking to new prospects, notably through downtown development.

Keywords: attraction, attraction des talents, Attractivité, Branding, communication, événements, Hospitalité, Amsterdam, logo, marketing, marketing holistique, Marketing territorial, marque territoriale, Montréal, Place Branding, plan, segmentation, stratégie, Tourisme
Illustration: Nritmedia website ©

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