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COMMUNICATION | Toward a conceptual renewal of public management? A state of art of the francophone literature - AIRMAP

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This communication is part of a research project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020: COGOV. It aims at presenting the Francophone literature related to four emerging theoretical approaches in the field of public management: (1) Public value, (2) Networkgovernance, (3) Collaborative public leadership, (4) Co-production and co-creation combined with digitalisation. More specifically, it explores the relevance of this categorization regarding the specificities of Francophone literature and its public management models. This systematic literature review uses a methodological approach inspired by Ferlie & al. (2012). Over the period 2000-2018, 408 articles linked to the four theoretical approaches mentioned above were extracted from six scientific journals. Then, an explanatory multidimensional lexical analysis has been applied (clusters and factorial).

Paper in a peer-reviewed conference - 8th AIRMAP conference - May 2019

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Christophe ALAUX, Director, Chaire Attractivité et Nouveau Marketing Territorial (A&NMT) and Institut de Management Public et Gouvernance Territoriale (IMPGT) -

Laura CARMOUZE, Deputy Director of the Attractiveness and New Territorial Marketing Chair (A&NMT) -

Edina SOLDO, Professor at the Institut de Management Public et Gouvernance Territoriale (IMPGT) -

Djelloul AREZKI, Senior Lecturer in Management Sciences at the Institut de Management Public et Gouvernance Territoriale (IMPGT) -

Other authors of the paper :

Léonard GOURBIER, Nathalie BOUTIN, Mathilde DOUGADOS, Bérénice KUBLER, Emmanuelle MOUSTIER, Khaled SABOUNE, Bruno TIBERGHIEN, Emil TURC