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Brussels "perfectly imperfect"!

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Brussels, Perfectly Imperfect


In June 2023, the Brussels-Capital Region launched the "Brussels, Perfectly Imperfect" brand. Brussels, Perfectly Imperfect "to position the Belgian capital internationally as an attractive, liveable metropolis for talent, investors and visitors.

Brussels' brand image had long suffered from a lack of common vision and a complex government structure: its status as a European capital boosted its high profile, but it was perceived internationally as a rather lukewarm, bureaucratic administrative center. Several public and private players joined forces to initiate this first territorial marketing initiative. By capitalizing on its "imperfections", Brussels has cleverly transformed its "weak points" into assets, positioning itself as a welcoming city where everyone can be "themselves", with, of course, a touch of offbeat humor that makes it unique and non-conformist.

Keywords: branding, city branding, city marketing, public-private governance, image, international, investors, territory brand, shared brand, territorial marketing, positioning, talents, visitors, Brussels, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium, Europe.
Illustration: Extracts from the Brussels" brand platform (c)

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