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Brno's talent attraction policy, Czech Republic, Europe

Benchmark Residents and Talents


Located in the heart of#Europe, Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic (377,000 inhabitants, 1 million in the urban area). It borders Austria and Slovakia, and benefits from the proximity of major metropolitan areas such as Prague (185 km), Vienna (112 km) and Bratislava (123 km). Thanks to its universities and cutting-edge research centers (biology, medical sciences, ICT) and abundant, inexpensive land, the city has become an attractive location for major companies (FEI, Honeywell, IBM...). It has an active policy of attracting and retaining skilled expatriate workers.

Keywords: Amsterdam, talent attraction, Brno, Economic Development, Europe, Hamburg, Image, Place Branding, quality of life, outreach, Urban renewal, Czech Republic, global strategy, Vienna
Image: Brno Business Facts 2015 ©

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