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Richard FLORIDA's "creative class" theory

Benchmark Residents and Talents


Geographer and Ph.D. in urban planning, the American Richard #FLORIDA is the originator of the creative class concept, which has greatly influenced modern thinking on local development and urban economics. He is currently Professor of Economics and Sociology at the University of Toronto. He also founded the Creative Class Group, a consulting firm that helps North American cities and local governments attract talent.

In his book, The Rise of the Creative Class (2004), FLORIDA believes that #creativity and#innovation are the engines of #growth of #territories. The role of cities in the knowledge economy is taking on a new dimension: they need to attract and retain members of this creative class in order to increase their #competitiveness. #competitiveness. In this context, the refocusing and broadening of citizens' means of participation in decision-making is done both by the territory and for the territory. The focus is now on the social function of neighborhoods, towns and cities. The interweaving and importance of different territorial scales needs to be taken into account.

Keywords: Attractiveness, talent attraction, creative classes, competitiveness, creativity, growth, economic development, gentrification, incubator, innovation, territorial marketing, metropolises, quality of life, networks, regions, #marketingstrategy, talent, technology, territories, tolerance, FLORIDA
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